Card terms and conditions

ID card terms in University policy

The ID card terms are presented to everyone who receives a University ID, as follows:

  • Employees: "Terms and Conditions for Campus Identification Card" are presented in the NESSIE New Hire application, after the home/permanent address update.
  • Students at Chicago: The "Additional Policies Affecting Registration" in the Student Catalog applies to all UIC students and includes the "University Card Terms and Responsibilities."
  • Students at Springfield: The "Registration Terms and Conditions" page lists the ID card terms as a student responsibility.
  • Students at Urbana: ID card terms are in Student Code section I-304 (Article 1, section 304).
  • Visitors and others: ID card terms are printed on card agreement forms, and each eligible person must complete and sign a form to receive an ID card.

University ID card terms

As a University cardholder, I understand that:

  • A card is the property of the University of Illinois, and I must return it to a Campus ID Center upon leaving the University or upon request.
  • Card data, including but not limited to the UIN, card number, and photo, may be used for University purposes.
  • A card is issued to assist in the identification of the valid cardholder and is to be presented upon request for securing privileges and services.
  • A card is valid only while I am a registered student, active University employee, or University retiree, or until the card expires or is revoked.
  • A card is non-transferable and does not authorize me to obligate the University of Illinois in any way.
  • Altering or intentionally damaging an ID card, using another person's ID card, or allowing my card to be used by another person may result in disciplinary action and confiscation of the card.
  • I am responsible for paying any replacement fee when an ID card is lost, stolen, confiscated, or intentionally damaged, or when any information is changed at my request.
  • I should notify a Campus ID Center immediately if a card is lost or stolen. If a confiscated, surrendered, lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged card has a balance on the value stripe (Chicago and/or Urbana), there is no guaranteed refund on the unused balance on the card.
  • I am responsible for notifying a Campus ID Center to deactivate the online functionality of an ID card (Meal Plans, Dragon Dollar$, or Campus Cash) should the card be lost or stolen.
  • CHICAGO and URBANA only: I understand and agree that if I link an i-card to a TCF Bank account I am releasing my UIN (as part of the card number) to TCF Bank. Also, I am responsible for notifying TCF Bank if the linked card is lost or stolen.

Phone number disclaimer

By accepting possession of the i-card, cardholder agrees to hold harmless the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, and its officers, employees, representatives, or agents, from and against any claims, damages, costs, expenses, including an amount equal to reasonable attorneys fees, or liabilities, including for loss or damage to any property or for death or injury to any person or persons, arising out of or in any way connected with any incorrect or outdated phone numbers that may be listed on the i-card.