Bank with your i-card

If you're a student at the Urbana or Chicago campus, you may open a special TCF Bank Campus Student Checking account and link your i-card to it. Then, you can use your i-card as a debit card when you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The total will be debited from your TCF account.

You are never required or expected to open a TCF Bank account. You may bank wherever you choose. You may always use your i-card for campus services, regardless of whether you have a TCF Bank account or not.

About the TCF Bank partnership

The University named TCF Bank their Student Banking Partner in 2007, after a competitive selection process. TCF Bank offers free checking accounts and other banking services to students at the Chicago and Urbana campuses. TCF Bank has a branch and ATMs on each campus.

TCF Bank offers free seminars to University groups

Contact i-card Programs to schedule, request, or suggest a seminar. These three are always available:

  • Banking Basics
    Learn about the United States banking system, its regulations, and the different types of accounts a typical U.S. bank offers. This seminar also explains how to conduct essential bank transactions correctly.
  • Identity Theft
    Learn the latest statistics and understand the different types of identity theft that occur. Get practical tips on how to prevent identity theft and what to do if you are a victim.
  • Money Management
    Learn basic banking terms and how to address and resolve problems that may arise. Understand the importance of keeping a budget to avoid debt and establish credit history.

The TCF Bank partnership benefits students and the University

The University receives financial support from its partnership with TCF Bank. The University receives annual student scholarships, program marketing support, revenue for accounts opened, reimbursement for i-card supplies, furniture for ID Centers, branch rent, and other compensation. Please direct questions about the University-TCF Bank partnership to the i-card Programs Office.