About us

We oversee, facilitate, and maximize how cards and other ID devices are used at the University.

ID cards, passes, and ID devices

We provide the hardware, software, applications, and supplies used to produce University IDs and photo badges. We are the University's sole authorized purchaser and distributor of ID cards and related equipment and supplies. Contact us before you buy, install, or upgrade any system that uses or produces cards.

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Card services

We want each person's one University ID to be able to access all the campus services for which he or she qualifies. We collaborate with departments to expand the use of University IDs. We also manage the student banking program, which makes it possible for students to access personal funds with their i-cards.

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Cardholder data

Our database of UINs contains identity, cardholder, and card data. We provide data access to units so that cards, key fobs, and other devices can be used for identity, payment, and other services.

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University Identification Numbers (UINs)

A UIN identifies a person and all his or her University records uniquely and permanently. We create and maintain all UINs, and we govern how they are used.

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Our mission

Our aim is to support the University, and specifically, to:

  • Identify each person who needs an electronic record uniquely and permanently
  • Meet identification needs
  • Provide and support token-based systems and services
  • Supply institution identity, cardholder, and physical device data securely
  • Ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction

Contact us for more information.

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