Bank with your i-card

Students at our Chicago, Springfield, or Urbana-Champaign campuses may open a Virtual Wallet Student account with PNC Bank. PNC has convenient locations all around our campus communities.

You may link your PNC account to your i-card, too. When you swipe your linked i-card at an ATM or checkout, you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your funds.

You will always use your i-card for campus services. You're not expected or required to bank with PNC. If you choose to open a PNC account, linking your i-card to it is optional.

Linking or unlinking your i-card

  • Online: Sign in to your Online Banking account. Click the Customer Service tab. Click "Link Campus ID Card" to manage your links.
  • Phone: Dial 1-877-PNC-1000, and ask the rep to link (or unlink) your card.
  • Branch: Visit a nearby branch and speak to a PNC Bank rep.