Replacement i-cards

It costs $20 to replace an i-card that is lost, stolen, or damaged. However, if your most recent i-card is defective, worn, or outdated, you may trade it for a new one at no charge. ID Center staff determine whether a card is damaged, worn, or defective.

There is no fee to replace a card as a result of a name, birth date, or gender change.

Most campus accounts and services—such as meal plans and door access—will work on your new card within a few hours. Student i-cards linked to PNC Bank accounts will be relinked overnight. You can also relink your new card yourself using PNC's Online Banking or at a nearby branch and use it in about 10 minutes.

Reporting a lost or stolen card

Report a missing card right away! And if your i-card was linked to your PNC Bank account, unlink it too.

When you report a loss or theft, your card is deactivated forever so that no one can misuse it. This helps protect you and the campus community. Unlinking your missing card helps protect your bank account.

To report a lost or stolen card, phone an ID Center. After hours, contact campus Police.

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Changing your preferred name

Students who would like to use a first name other than their legal name within the campus community are able to set a preferred first name using Student Self-Service.

After you set your preferred name, you may visit an ID Center to trade in your current University of Illinois ID for a new one for free. Your preferred first name will display on the front of your card.

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Changing your legal name

If your legal name isn't accurate on your University of Illinois ID, correct it first with the appropriate records office, then visit an ID Center. There is no fee to exchange your ID card for a new one as a result of a name change.


  1. Update your name on your student record at the registrar's office:
  2. Bring these items to an ID Center:
    • Your current University of Illinois ID card (to be exchanged)
    • Another proof of identity that bears your legal name

Faculty, staff, Extra Help, and retirees

  1. Use NESSIE to update your name, referring to the "Personal Info" tab resources. If you need help, contact Human Resources.
  2. Contact an ID Center to confirm your name change is reflected in Banner.
  3. Bring your current University of Illinois ID and a proof of identity that bears your legal name to an ID Center.


Contact an ID Center to ask how to proceed.

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Expiration notices

In the month that your University of Illinois ID expires, you may receive an email alerting you to replace it. If you have questions, contact your campus ID Center.

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