TCF Bank transition

On February 28, 2015, the University of Illinois' contract with TCF Bank ended. In early February 2015, TCF Bank mailed a letter to its student customers informing them of the closing. Then in March 2015, signs and fliers at each campus branch also announced the departure. Campus branches were closed by May 19, 2015.

Students may keep their TCF accounts open now, and even after they graduate or leave the University of Illinois.

TCF Bank will remove all of its ATMs on the Urbana campus by the end of May 2017. TCF maintains a deposit ATM at Student Center East in Chicago.

i‑cards with the TCF Bank logo still work for campus services and privileges. You do not need to replace a TCF logo i‑card unless you want to link your i‑card to a PNC Bank account.

All student i‑cards now have the PNC Bank logo and financial network logos printed on back. Getting an i‑card with bank logos on it does not open or close any bank accounts. No student is or will be pressured to open or switch bank accounts.