Goodbye, classic i‑card

On Friday, February 1, 2019, all classic, version 1.0 i‑cards will be permanently deactivated. Classic i‑cards will no longer work or be permitted for any identification or card-based service use.

What are classic i‑cards?

Classic i‑cards are those issued before May 14, 2007. All of them have a white background and bear an i‑card logo in the upper left corner. Several examples are shown below. The labels (such as Faculty/Staff), photo borders, and fields and printed on these i‑cards can vary.

Image of Springfield classic i-card Image of Urbana classic i-card Image of Chicago classic i-card

Who must upgrade?

Only those who have and use a classic i‑card need to replace it by exchange. (You aren’t required to get an i‑card if you don’t need one.) To avoid problems using any services linked to your classic i‑card, exchange it before February 1.

This change relates only to classic i‑cards. For all other university IDs, there’s no need to upgrade—it’s business as usual.

How do you upgrade?

Bring your classic i‑card to the ID Center on your campus to replace it.

Tip: Phone ahead to determine when it’s the best day and time to visit.

For this upgrade only, ID Centers will accept any classic i‑card that belongs to you—even if it’s not your most recent one. Such old-for-new card exchanges will be free. If you can’t present your i‑card for exchange, the standard $20 replacement fee will apply.

Cards print quickly! Once your new photo is taken, you’re three minutes from your new i‑card. Once a new card is issued, almost all services will relink automatically. See the next topic for specifics.

How and when do my card services relink?

Card services relink automatically, as follows:

What if I can't meet the deadline?

Will distance or some other great obstacle prevent you from upgrading before February 1? Contact i‑card Programs soon—well before February 1. We will help you keep the services you need until you can exchange your classic i‑card.

What happens to classic i-cards on February 1?

Starting February 1, classic i‑cards will be invalid. According to ID card terms, an invalid ID may be confiscated. Don’t use a classic i‑card—or any expired ID—for any service or identification.

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact i‑card Programs.

ID Center locations

Chicago, Springfield and Urbana all host ID Centers.