Submit your photo online

MyPhotoSubmit allows eligible university community members to upload their own photo for use on their i‐card. Currently, only new students who will be attending classes on their campus for the Fall 2020 term may use MyPhotoSubmit.

We are mailing i‐cards to new Urbana and Springfield students who have a U.S. home address, starting in mid-July. Submit your photo before the end of July to ensure you receive your i‐card before you arrive on campus. By using MyPhotoSubmit, you will bypass waiting in line to get your i‐card. Carding lines are always long at the start of a semester.

If you do not have a U.S. home address (a location where you personally receive mail), you will need to visit the ID Center or carding location on your campus when you arrive.

Taking a photo

You are allowed three attempts to submit an acceptable photo. If your photo is not approved after three tries, you will no longer be able to use MyPhotoSubmit, and you will need to go to an ID Center.

The background

  • Use a plain, well‑lit background.
  • Make sure there aren't other objects or people pictured.
  • Avoid unnatural lighting and shadows.

Your face and body

  • Must show only from your shoulders to the top of your head.
  • Full face must be front‑facing and centered.
  • Eyes should be open and facing the camera.
  • No sunglasses.
  • No head coverings or hats.
  • No silly facial expressions or filters.
  • Reflects your current appearance.

The photo

  • Must be square (all sides the same size)!
  • Must be a .jpg.
  • Cannot exceed 1000 pixels per side.

Using MyPhotoSubmit

You can log in using your university NetID and password. You'll need to read and accept the terms of use in order to submit a photo.

You can upload a photo without submitting it. You can cancel or change your photo any time before it's reviewed. However, once you submit your photo and it is approved, you cannot change it.

i‐cards for new Springfield and Urbana students will be mailed to students' home addresses. i‐cards for new Chicago students will be printed and staged for pickup. Do not visit your ID Center before your card is ready. i‐cards are not printed on demand for those who use MyPhotoSubmit. Likewise, same‐day service using MyPhotoSubmit is not available.

Chicago students and students who do not have a U.S. home address must visit the ID Center or carding location for their campus. The Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana ID Center pages note their locations, operating hours, and contact information.

What to expect

Check the "Email my status updates" option to stay informed about your photo and i‑card. (We use the "preferred" email address you maintain in Self-Service.) You can always log in to MyPhotoSubmit to check for progress, too.

ID Centers review photos and produce cards for many, many people. You will be notified when your i‑card has been delivered to the post office.

Special COVID‑19 procedures will be in effect for all ID cards being issued.

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