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Many students and employees need an i‐card in order to use a service on their campus. When you are eligible to receive an i‐card and you need one, you may request one from an ID Center. Every photo ID issued must bear a recent, clear photo of the cardholder.

MyPhotoSubmit is an alternative to having ID Center staff take your photo. You must still visit your ID Center to claim and activate your i‐card. However, using MyPhotoSubmit is optional because having an i‐card is optional.

ID Centers determine who may use MyPhotoSubmit and when it is available. Read on to see what your options are and how MyPhotoSubmit works.

Who can submit a photo?

Most students and employees on campus need IDs, so they can use MyPhotoSubmit:

  • Students. You must be eligible to register for the current or next semester. You must also be taking classes on campus for credit.
  • Employees. Your employee status must be active. You may be a faculty or other academic employee, an academic professional, or a civil service employee.

Who cannot submit a photo online?

The following persons cannot use MyPhotoSubmit.

  • Non-degree and non-credit students are not formally admitted to a university and/or a program. Therefore, these students are not eligible to receive i‐cards.
  • Online students simply don't need a physical i‐card. If you need library services, email your ID Center and request a "library barcode." The barcode works electronically for library services. When you are accepted into a degree program MyPhotoSubmit will be open to you.
  • Extra help workers are only eligible for an ID when their hiring or sponsoring unit requests one for them (from a campus ID Center).
  • Retired faculty, staff, and emerita/emeritus professors receive i‐cards that don't expire. University retirees must contact an ID Center.

Is MyPhotoSubmit available now?

Currently, students and employees may submit photos for new and replacement i‐cards. Mailing of i‐cards is discontinued. Contact the ID Center located on your campus for more information:

How MyPhotoSubmit works

Basically, you log in, upload a photo, and submit it for review. When your eligibility is confirmed and your photo is accepted, your ID is printed. When your ID is ready for pickup, you visit the ID Center on your campus to claim and activate your ID.

Most of the time, it takes only a few business days for an acceptable photo to be reviewed, accepted, and the ID printed. However, during fall and spring rush, the wait time can be longer.

Getting your photo accepted

The single most frequent reason for "delays" in MyPhotoSubmit is failure to submit a photo that meets the requirements. The photo requirements are purposeful and precise: read them carefully. Think of it this way: your i‐card is an official U of I System identification. A yearbook photo or a Snapchat pic just won't do.

What to expect

  1. Business first. When you log in, read the photo requirements. You must accept the terms of use in order to continue. The ability to submit a photo does not guarantee you will receive an i‐card. Your submission can be rejected for eligibility reasons.

    If you check the "Email my status updates" option, key updates are emailed to the "preferred" email address you maintain in Self-Service.

  2. Photo selection and changes. You can upload a photo without submitting it, so ask a friend or advisor for a second opinion.

    You can cancel or change your photo any time before it's reviewed. However, once your photo is approved, it cannot be changed.

    You are allowed three attempts to submit an acceptable photo. After three failed attempts, you will be blocked from using MyPhotoSubmit and you will need to contact your ID Center. (ID Center page links are in the page footer.)

  3. Review time. At the start of a semester, your photo could be one of thousands in a queue. Please be patient. You can log in to MyPhotoSubmit anytime to see the current status.

    ID Centers support MyPhotoSubmit and walk-in patrons, and they do more than just card printing. Photos are not reviewed on demand, and i‐cards are not printed on demand. Same- or next-day service is not available.

  4. Card pickup. When the MyPhotoSubmit status reads, "your card is ready for pickup," then you may visit the ID Center on your campus. Bring an accepted proof of identity with you.

    Check out all the ways you can use your i‐card at Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana. Get the most out of your i‐card that you can!

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