Springfield card uses

Campus Cash debit account

Carry your i‑card and carry less cash! Use Campus Cash, the UIS campus debit account, to pay for:

You can check your Campus Cash balance or add money to your account at icardwallet.uis.edu or by visiting the ID Center.

PNC Bank account

Springfield students, you may bank with your i‑card if you open a Virtual Wallet Student account and link your i‑card to it.

Meal plans

Use your i‑card to access your meal plan, which is provided by UIS Food Service. To get a meal plan, complete a Meal Plan Agreement form [PDF] and submit it at the ID Center. Plan terms and conditions [PDF] apply.

Check your meal plan balance at icardwallet.uis.edu or at the ID Center.


Students assessed the General fee and others who have purchased a membership may use Campus Recreation facilities by presenting their i‑card.

Identification and access

Swiping or scanning your i‑card helps identify you for campus services, such as:


Having an i‑card can save you money. There are many discounts available to cardholders in Springfield: